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After years of disagreements between Karate and Kung Fu, the Association of Karate representatives decided they needed to pass a law so that everyone would be able to learn martial arts. Because of the many disagreements the Kung Fu Brotherhood was not invited to the original draft of the law.

With the Karate representatives truly believing that Karate is a better martial art than Kung Fu, and so the new law described what techniques could be taught and how they were to be taught based on the style of Karate.

The Kung Fu Brotherhood, heard some of the discussion about the new law and were furious, “Karate is not nearly as good as Kung Fu”, they shouted to all that would listen. They were out numbered by the Association of Karate representatives, and the Association of Karate did not need their votes to pass this bill.

There were a few martial artists that heard the shouts of the Kung Fu Brotherhood, and a group of Tai Chi practitioners banded together calling themselves the “Tai Chi Party”. The Association of Karate, laughed at them at first and then called them puppets of the Kung Fu Brotherhood. The Tai Chi Party did not want to support the Kung Fu Brotherhood as they did not represent them completely either, largely because of much of the influence by the Jeet Kune Do elitists that try to control other styles through brute force.

The Tai Chi Party felt that the Martial Arts Reform Bill, was taking too much freedom away to be able to practice their circular style. They saw that this bill would require teaching of more direct punching and blocking. They also felt that it would require Dojo’s to accept more students for a lower price, and ultimately over work the Instructors and Masters. This they thought would lower the quality that can be taught through more individualized student teachings.

There was a small defection in the Association of Karate, they called themselves the Tae Kwon Do Dogs. They loved to kick, and they felt strongly that the new reform bill should strongly protect their use of kicks. The Tae Kwon Do Dogs, were a strong group and if they did not vote with the Association of Karate, the Kung Fu Brotherhood could prevail in preventing the bill from being passed.

The Association of Karate did hear some of shouts of the Kung Fu Brotherhood and the Tai Chi Party and eventually added a few circular techniques to what could be taught, and tried to say people could continue to practice in their current dojo, “IF THEY MET THE MINIMUM TRAINING REQUIREMENTS” in the new law.

Eventually the Association of Karate, included enough kicks in the bill to make sure the Tae Kwon Do Dogs would vote for the Martial Arts Reform Bill. The few circular techniques that were added, allowed the Karate politicians to say they were trying to work with the Kung Fu politicians, but the Kung Fu politicians new that how the circular techniques could be taught, would render them practically ineffective.

The Forbidden Kingdom – Jackie Chan and Jet Li

Posted on January 18th, 2010 by admin

Well, Jet Li must have changed his mind about not doing another Kung Fu Movie. Staring with Jackie Chan might have helped too. This does look like a good movie in the previews.

In a land where heaven touches earth. With an Empire divided by war. Two legendary warriors, an orphaned girl and a lost traveler must unite to save the Kingdom.

Demonstration by Dr.(Sifu) Yeung from 1989

Posted on January 18th, 2010 by admin

I have looked around to try to find anyone similar to what my instructor (Steve Smith – The Little Dojo) can do. As I train in Karate based Martial Arts – I am seeing and training in more of what he knows on the Kung fu side(aka The Little Dojo) of his training.

Dr. Yeung Demonstration is very similar in many ways what Sifu Smith teaches. I enjoyed this very much, I hope everyone does too.

Demonstration by Dr. Yeung, renouned master, teacher of Internation Champions who collectively took 370 gold medals from 1992 – 1998. Dr. Yeung’s demonstration includes Fa Jing, Monkey Style Kung Fu, Drunken Style Kung Fu, Northern Mantis Kung Fu, Snake style Kung Fu, Chin Na, and Wing Chun Kung Fu at the Newcastle University Sports Festival, England. See more at www.pathgate.org

What Does Your Martial Art Allow You to Believe?

Posted on January 18th, 2010 by admin

Does your martial art restrict your beliefs?

I am not talking about your religious beliefs but your beliefs in your martial art. Most everyone can believe that their martial art will let move their arm in to an “Up block” to stop a strike coming down on them. This belief is that if I can can move an object(my arm) fast enough to stop another object(downward hammer fist) from striking me it will at least help minimize the damage. Maybe your art adds a few combinations after the up block to stop the attacker.

Some arts, will use the downward force of the arm into a throw and subdue the attacker. Others, teach you to do preemptive strikes: like a kick to the stomach takes much of the power if not all of the power out of a punch. These are pretty widely accepted beliefs in many different arts. We can see a cause and effect and it doesn’t contradict any of our other beliefs.

What about other martial art beliefs? Chi, energy throws, Death Touch, directing energy(chi) to parts of your body for healing or protection. These are beliefs from different martial arts like different styles of Kung Fu, Da Mak, Chi Kung and others. Many martial artists have difficulty believing in concepts like these because they cannot feel it or see it. They may see an attacker fall to the ground from a energy throw, but they don’t see anything physically do the throw. They call it fake or say the attacker was clumsy and they wouldn’t have been thrown.

I for myself feel that you have to keep an open mind. Explore different styles of martial arts, maybe even the ones you feel are “fake”. Many of these arts use concealing techniques so other “clans” couldn’t see how the techniques really worked. Much to the way I think about “Rumors” – there is usually some truth behind them, I would believe that many of these arts have more truth to them than many would like to accept.

For those with an open mind or what to add to their martial art knowledge you should look up Steve Smith – The Little Dojo. He has a Spring Seminar “The Power of Belief”. Check it out.


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